Thank you to Goldview for taking such good care of us and our home. We are very lucky to have you looking after everything and everybody. You have helped to make this place a valued, quality condominium to live in.

Homeowner T.S.C.C. #1497

I have seen a noticeable improvement to our building under your company’s management and I just wanted you to know that we appreciate your expertise and the people who are doing the work for you.

Board Member, MTCC No. 658

My real estate agent had remarked on the very well Goldview-maintained condos that she has visited with her clients. Congratulations to Goldview for its client growth success, and to its holding to its core values.

Homeowner, TSCC No. 1651

Your company has made us more efficient, added cost saving and have transformed our building into a highly desirable jewel in our neighbourhood. I am extremely happy with your companies impact on our building.

Board Member, TSCC 2266

I would like to know about the fantastic work that our on-site manager has been doing. She takes charge of every situation and implements the necessary steps to deal with whatever the problem may be in a timely and professional manner. She is very collaborative and works well with our Board. She has been instrumental in overseeing and managing all the upgrades that have been implemented by the Board and she has given us a sense of community.

Homeowner, TSCC 1553

The property manager of our condo building is always courteous and knowledgeable. He is also even more attentive and responsive. He is a great resource and the Board is very lucky to have him.

Board Member, TSCC 1596

Thanks for all the hard work from you and your team. The transition to Goldview from our old company has been smooth and organized. Its certainly a great stress relief for me and the other directors to see that everything is in skilled and capable hands.

Board Member, TSCC 2203

I wanted to commend you on the notices about the work, including the timely reminder that was posted on the entrances on the parking levels – thanks for the thoroughness as these are the only way to try and make everyone aware.

Homeowner, TSCC No. 2602

It was great having such a good team at the mediation today and such a positive outcome. Great job on a successful mediation outcome.

Board Member, TSCC 2604

The Board of Directors would like to thank you for your hard work over the course of the last several months. We truly appreciate your prompt responses and actions dealing with arising issues in our building. Thank you again for all your hard work, we really appreciate it.

Board Member, TSCC No. 2348

The Manager keeps us all up-to-date with her regular bulletins, and adds her special messages about Remembrance Day and Christmas. In other words, our manager is one superb property manager. She is a shining representative of your firm and deserves commendation for her special devotion to the residents.

Homeowner, MTCC No. 658

Thank you for being such an amazing property manager at our Condominium. You care deeply about the building, its owners and residents – and it shows. The building is in great shape and has a great reputation. Under your leadership things run smoothly, efficiently, and seamlessly while still maintaining a feeling of safety, caring and kindness.

Board Member, TSCC 2320.

Goldview has helped me countless times and they always do it with a personal touch. Every time I have reached out to my manager, I receive a response almost immediately and the manager goes above and beyond to help. I am grateful for all Goldview does to make my condominium one of the best run buildings in the city.

Homeowner, TSCC No. 2379

Our property manager is a competent, experienced, and helpful professional. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Homeowner, YCC 212

I asked my property manager to accommodate a meeting during off hours because of a snow storm and it was no problem. He not only showed up on time and prepared, full of cheer and positive energy but even helped me get to the UP train so I could be sure to get my flight when the road conditions were dicey. Thank you for always going the extra mile!

Board Member, DSCC 214.

Thank you for all your efforts during this outbreak. I just wanted to let you know that I’m so grateful for all the work you’ve done and the notices you have worked on that benefit us all. I know you must be exhausted by this mentally and physically but you are handing it so well. Love you all and stay safe.

Homeowner, TSCC No. 1790

I just wanted to thank you and your team for the great job you are doing during these unprecedented times. Take care and stay healthy as well.

Homeowner, TSCC No. 1596

Just a personal note of appreciation for your prompt attention to the numerous requests and your patience in dealing with them. The deal closed yesterday and I was not sure we would pull it off but we were fortunate to be able to rescue this one thanks to your senior management team. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Board Member, TSCC No. 2604.

Thank to The Goldview Team and all of those at Goldview for your dedicated assistance in facilitating the transaction. It was definitely not an easy one. With the requirement to remove an oil tank buried in a concrete vault, to managing all of the owner’s expectations, and all during the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, Goldview pushed through and this is one we will never forget. We appreciate your efforts greatly.

Homeowner, TSCC No. 2522

This is in appreciation of Goldview’s dedication and hard work. We appreciate their professional and friendly attitude. Goldview is reliable and can be depended upon to fix whatever issues arise around the building. We are especially grateful for their work keeping the building clean and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Homeowners, MTCC 1281

I am very impressed by the extra effort put into dealing with the bike storage room problems. The solutions proposed should go a long way in resolving the bike storage problems.

Board Member, M.T.C.C. #1403

"I am writing this with the knowledge that you will share it with the Board and the other recipients of my appreciation. It is almost one year since I sold my house and moved to the condo. I wish to thank all those that contribute to the comfort and ease that I am enjoying at my condo. So this is for the hardworking and hands-on Board and Goldview Property Management Ltd. who have been responsive on all occasions and who go beyond the call of duty."
Home Owner

Home Owner, T.S.C.C. #1873

"You've been great and so helpful to me. I wish you could manage our renovations and moves into the house when it's done"
Home Owner

T.S.C.C. #1651

"On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your considerable effort and preparation leading up to and concluding with the successful Annual General Meeting. it is clear that a significant amount of time was spent in developing the by law initiatives and all the other information and communications that we distributed at the meeting. Once again, thank you for your hard work!"
Board Member

T.S.C.C. #1984

"I have received extremely positive feedback from Board members this morning concerning your productivity and accomplishments in moving forward improvements to our building. The Board feels we are now well positioned to make significant improvements to the building with your help. I wish to express our Board's appreciation for your dedication to the management of our property and the great deal of time and energy you are devoting to our interests at this time."
Board Member

Y.C.C. #310

"When Goldview accepted the management contract, it was my feeling that the corporation was in good hands. It was also believed that significant improvements could be made. Your unselfish contributions, efforts and hard work has resulted in many favourable comments. Your interest and dedication are truly appreciated. Your outstanding abilities and knowledge are equally and easily superior to managements past. Please keep up the good work."
Board Member

Board Member, P.C.C. #57

"I moved from another condo, which is also managed by Goldview, and I have to say, you guys are the best!"
Home Owner

Homeowner , T.S.C.C. #1457

I just wanted to mention something that happened to me a few days ago.

I was approached by a resident here who had been affected by a flooding incident in his suite some two months ago. The resident then said that one thing was for sure, that "Goldview has been amazing" through it all. A huge help amid so many bumps to him getting back home.

It was pretty clear that the effort really stood out and counted for him, so I thought it was important to share the compliment.

Dieter R., T.S.C.C. #1984

It is our one year anniversary with Goldview Property Management.

I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and the rest of the Board for the positive situation here that I couldn't have imagined or anticipated a year ago.

Your level of competency and goodwill are recognized by us and very much appreciated even though we do not convey that enough.

Thank you again. We look forward to a lengthy and happy relationship.

Homeowner, P.S.C.C. #680

Thank you for the excellent role you played at the AGM. You were prepared, knowledgeable and professional. So impressive and I am incredibly appreciative of all your efforts.

Homeowner, T.S.C.C. #2194

The Board of Directors accepted the table for the Reserve Fund Study last night and approved it. Also, all the Board Members agree that Goldview's idea for the breakdown is absolutely brilliant.

Maureen O., T.S.C.C. #2266

"We have been very satisfied with Goldview's professional approach to our property management needs. Michael Goldrich and his staff have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty.....Our Property Manager has addressed the needs of the Board and owners ensuring the efficient running of Board meetings and clear communication with the owners."
Board Member

T.S.C.C. #1597

"I am extremely pleased with the management of our condo by Goldview. Their latest correspondence is both professional and informative."

Board Member, T.S.C.C. #1689

"We respect and value the services of Goldview Property Management. We are kept informed, protected from unnecessary bureaucracy and always receive an immediate response to our requests and questions. We cannot imagine our property being in safer hands."

The Marcus Family

"I'm very pleased with the smooth and efficient way the budget has been prepared and distributed. I should add that I'm pleased with how the building is being managed - what a long way we have come in less than a year. Thank you, all."
Board Member

Board Member, M.T.C.C. #1230

"We should like to take this opportunity to thank each member of the Board and Goldview Property Management for the outstanding dedication and leadership that the residents receive. You each bring unique talents to the team, but the overall intent is obvious, to preserve a community which cares about the property and people."
Home Owner

T.S.C.C. #1553

"I thank you for the enjoyable stay in the lovely building for the last few years, and I wish you and yours all success. I would recommend the building to anyone."

Tenant, Edgehill Manor Apartments.

"As a Chartered Accountant by profession myself I cannot tell you how much we valued your contribution during the performance audit of this condominium and all the discussions and negotiations with the developer. Your experience and input was a key element in assisting us to arrive at a suitable financial settlement with the developer to cover the construction deficiencies."
Board Member

M.T.C.C. #1281

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with all members of the board, as well as with Goldview Property Management. The team has displayed nothing but the highest level of skill and professionalism in dealing with all Board matters and I consider it a great honour to have had a chance to work with such talented individuals."
Board Member

T.S.C.C. #1651

"It is important for me to let you know and thank you for everything you have done for me. I truly appreciated the care."

T.S.C.C. #1553

"Michael thanks. Once again, having our best interest at heart by covering our backs from all angles."
Board Member

P.S.C.C. #668

"I was asked by the other board members to write and let you know how much we appreciate Goldview's work. You have quite successfully and in a timely manner met the challenge that is our, shall we say, "unique" building and the complex issues that are going on."
Board Member

Board Member, T.S.C.C. #1847

"Our property manager and the rest of your staff at Goldview really are terrific.
Enjoy the holidays and all the best for 2012."
Board Member

M.T.C.C. #1281

"Perhaps most importantly, Goldview follows through with their clients and keeps them informed. This continued communication is by far one of the most essential elements of outstanding account and client management and Goldview manages to do it well."
Home Owner

Home Owner, T.S.C.C. #1457

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